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Stories in the Time of Coronavirus

Amplifying the voices of those affected by the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in and beyond China.

Ten, twenty, fifty years later, people will look back and still remember what an unusual beginning of the year we had in 2020. At a time when the whole country was getting ready to celebrate a new year, the coronavirus outbreak changed everything. It cast a huge shadow over all of us, our lives disrupted in different ways. 

We are “unCoVer”, and we are here to bring you stories of people affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak. Many of them are translated from stories originally written in Chinese by someone we don’t know. We thank the authors for their permission and trust. Others are stories we collected from our friends and families. In the future, we will also want to hear from you. These are stories of fears and hopes, of isolation and consolation, of separation and coming together. They are stories in the time of coronavirus. And they will be written into our collective memory. 

Special Thanks:

Tyler Rhorick;
Ariel Guicheng Tan, Carly Siuta, Cindy Hu, Shelly Lu, Chloe Ma;
Emily Sun, Wanshu Xu, Sharon Shang;
& Jing Wang

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