What is it?

“unCoVer” is dedicated to uncovering narratives, opinions and equity issues during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Established in February 2020, unCoVer has moved beyond translation of personal narratives alone to hosting original essays, interviews, and a podcast. Committed to documenting and examining the social issues revealed by the outbreak as well as its impact, unCoVer aims to promote awareness, equity and solidarity.

Who Are We?

We are a group of higher education professionals, interpreters, and university students who believe in the power of translating, critical thinking, as well as compassion. In the face of an epidemic, it’s natural to feel panicked, frustrated, and powerless. For us, the solution comes not from avoidance but from action. While not everyone has the resources or expertise to work at the frontline for COVID-19 relief, we want to do something for a change, acting as an amplifier for those who might be subject to isolation, stigmatization, and discrimination at the current time. 

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